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Professor Black Truth - Media 'Alarmed' Millennials Are 'Less Accepting Of LGBTs 

11 Jul 2019

Video was deleted by YouTube.

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Satanic Panic With Kwame Wahkan

I highly doubt that this is true. Polls show that Americans are overall mostly accepting of LGBT rights. I'm originally from the UK and we are ranked number 4 in the top ten for the best countries for LGBTs. People aren't as religious as they were years ago. As long as atheism and agnosticism continues to grow, LGBT rights will soon follow.

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TAdams 11 months ago

It comes down to one thing when you tell straight men that they have to be open to date gay or trans people or they will be labeled "whatever-phobic" you lose the battle and the war. Many women may be able to see dipping in the lesbian or bisexual pool as an exciting or even liberating experiment in being a "Free-spirit" since there is no real penalty to pay but for men the penalty is heavy and life long. This is why buck-breaking was effective and male on male rape is seldom talked about. No matter the circumstance or situation id a straight man is ever seen as penetrating or being penetrated by anyone even by force or darest his manhood will always be questioned by both men and women and no straight man wants that.

As for the children being dragged into "the lifestyle", it is something that has only recently been seen by most people. Yes, it is sick and the gay community used to be very vocal about their opposition to it because they knew they were already seen as the main group accused of child molestation even if the facts are they are not. We see a growing group within the LBGTQ community that are trying to play victim and villain at the same time and it is crazy. They accuse some old man of forcing them into the life then turn around and claim that kids younger than they were at the time they were molested know enough to choose to that same lifestyle.

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