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Bria Myles called ugly, and a DONKEY on twitter, is this Colorist?

Fiona Kahn
Fiona Kahn
28 Dec 2018

Bria Myles was slammed by twitter trolls recently for being bare faced and not pretty enough. People were boarding the Bria hate train, although not everyone. Bria Myles is obviously beautiful and her confidence is bothering people. Do you think this case was a Colorism issue? What are your thoughts on Colorism? Do you think Bria should have responded. Let me know what you think in the comment section.

#colorism #briamyles

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Fiona Kahn
Fiona Kahn 2 years ago

True! :)

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 2 years ago

If whites think she's ugly...GOOD. We can keep her on this side of the

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