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Six easy side hustles that can add 10 - 20% to your income this month

Wise Phenomenal
Wise Phenomenal
22 Jul 2020

I've been regularly asked "How do you create a side hustle?" First, I'll say that the side hustle culture should be in all of our households. NEVER convince your kids that it's ok to survive on just one income, that's an economic death certificate.

Side hustles aren't always able to give you replacement income, but sometimes we get lucky. Instead, the side hustle allows you to simply position yourself to build wealth in a way that doesn't drain or exhaust you. A side hustle can be used to make your student loan payments so you don't have to worry about it taking out of your income. It can allow you to have extra money to save. The side hustle can give you money to put in the stock market. Or the side hustle can pay the mortgage on your first rental property.

It's all about learning how to play the economic game and the reality is that you probably have some human capital in your pocket that you didn't realize you had. That's what this video is all about.

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