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Is the Negro a born Slave-A Reply_LE(1)


Is the Negro a Born Slave-A Reply_LE(1)

Is the Negro a born slave -A Reply_LE(1) is the Limited version of our response video to some comments received from our previous videos. It's also part of our series to get the Negroes to ask relevant questions about their history, who they are, who they were and what could be happening to them.It is aimed at getting the Negroes to stop believing but instead start knowing. It also seeks to get Negroes to investigate the plan of the slave master to exterminate the race.

Please note that aside from Youtube censorship we are on Patreon to reduce the distraction from the descendants of the slave hunters as they appear to watch our videos more than the Negroes for whom the videos are made.
Link to the article on Marcus Garvey and Haile Selassie https://bit.ly/35Q8zXC

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For those that have supported us, we say thank you

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