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Aseer The Duke of Tiers - Office Hours With Dr. G

26 Sep 2020

Tune into a Part 1 of 3 August Super Tuesday "Office Hours With Dr. G," Tuesday, August 11, 2020, 8:00 - 10:00 PM EDT, when Dr. G welcomes Aseer The Duke of Tiers.

Aseer is a Multimedia artist, Natural Historian, Published Author Writer, with a PHD in Jurisprudence, Astrologer. Born Prince Charles E.L. Rogers El, Aseer started doing art at the age of 4. He began taking art classes at the Brooklyn Museum at age 7. Around the age of 10, he began print modeling and that same year, drew his first full comic book. He attended Art and Design HS, where he studied many techniques, but did not graduate. Instead he got his GED and went into business for himself, starting Moorally Correct Mediums. A subsidiary of his Father’s publicity company called Rogers Artist Media. He worked on logos and bios for many groups like Eric B. and Rakim, Doug E. Fresh, Dead Prez and a myriad of others musicians. Aseer worked as a contributing writer for The Source Magazine, where he wrote articles under the name D.E.S.T.I.N.Y. One of his most famous articles was called ‘Booster Shots,’ which achieved critical acclaim. After gaining knowledge of self by 1997-8, he traveled abroad exhibiting his art work at galleries, while studying Jurisprudence. After 5 years he pursued a PhD in Jurisprudence from an online correspondence University in London. Upon returning, Aseer and Celina married and drove across the entire country on their honeymoon. After returning to Brooklyn, he went to work as an after-school teacher for NY State Board of Ed., the M.A.P program, and Catholic Charities. 

Aseer taught Moorish Science and History at community centers and various colleges. such as LIU and Prince George County Community College. He is a regular speaker at High Schools in NY and Miami. Aseer became a member of The M.S.T. of A and was appointed Sheik. He began an intense study of history and had a major breakthrough around 1999. In 2003, he was anointed The Duke of Tiers by an Ashanti Priestess Empress N’Kwke King (PBUH). Aseer then embarked on the ground-breaking podcast called Super Heru Radio on BlogTalk which lasted seven years.

A multi-talented artist, Aseer and Celina recorded two albums under the name ✩Team ♞Cordoba✩

Aseer also wrote a graphic comic book novel called The Dark Skull 418 that has sold over 50,000 ebooks and received a 5-star rating on Amazon.

Aseer is currently adapting the DS418 into toys, cartoons and animated feature film. With the Prequel to the DS418 soon on the way.

✩Team ♞Cordoba✩ is working on a joint project as well as solo albums. Aseer is currently working on various projects to uplift fallen humanity, while raising his family and promoting Moorish cultural existence as a viable lifestyle option. 


www.gumroad.com/Aseer the Duke of Tiers

www.Youtube/Aseer The Duke of Tiers

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