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White Man Rapes & Kills His Biracial Daughter Because He Hated Her Black Mother

Supermike Fard
Supermike Fard
25 Aug 2019

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Supermike Fard
Supermike Fard 10 months ago

He must have been RAPPING her

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Magenta 10 months ago

Black men should forget that black women exist, just ostracize the demons of the planet, and band together to form their own community for the upliftment and advancement of black men. That is the only way for these loving, blameless, peaceful men to find solidarity and prosperity. If they could channel a fraction of the energy they waste on hate maybe they could make that happen.

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Supermike Fard
Supermike Fard 10 months ago

NAaaa I ostracize the white people not my people

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Ebubu 11 months ago

Psychopathic racial personality that's them

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low_high_function 11 months ago

Stupid fuckin bitch now your innocent daughter is dead. You put that girl in the mouth of the beast and it devoured her. The mother knew he was fucked in the head but still laid with him. Fuckin wrenches..

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11 months ago

Mammy wanted to swirl? Mammy now minus a girl. SMDH

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