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Goji Berries, A Tonic Herb and Superfruit Variety

Cheryl /AKA Fatu All things

Goji berries are the red-orange fruits of certain Lycium species, highly revered as a major Chinese tonic herb for their blood building qualities and restorative effects on the liver, kidney and immune functions. Commonly brewed for centuries as an herbal substance in numerous tea preparations, they are known for their ability to replenish Yin Jing essence, the primordial energy of the body associated with the kidney-adrenal system, sexual libido and fertility.

Containing specific phytonutrients, like lycium barbarum polysaccharides (LBPs), they have been utilized for centuries as a Chinese tea ingredient in herbal formulations. Today they are commonly consumed in the West as a dried fruit or soaked and blended into drinks.

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