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BUY Bitcoin w/ NO Credit Card FEES! How To Use STRIKE App for Bitcoin

14 Aug 2021

I am going to show you in this video, the Simplest Way to BUY #Bitcoin and Pay NO Credit Card FEES! That is Right for a Limited Time you can Buy Bitcoin using your Bank account or your Debit Card and Pay 0% transaction fee when you buy Bitcoin using the Strike Bitcoin #LightningNetwork App. How To Use #STRIKE App for Bitcoin.


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Not only do I have a method for you to #BUYBitcoin using your #Bank Account or #DebitCard with absolutely #NOFEES, I'm actually going to do it live in front of you, so you can see just how #Easy and Free this really is.
First off, I want to let you know that this Free deposit method is only for a limited time, the App I'm going to use today is called Strike, and if you want to follow along with this demo or check them out, I put a link the in the description below that'll earn you $5 in Bitcoin if you do decide to sign up.
For those of you who are not familiar with Strike, it’s an app that lets you facilitate Bitcoin #payments using the Bitcoin Lightning Network. And, You can think of the Lightning Network as a layer 2 solution that runs on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, the Lightning Network allows you to make Bitcoin payments simply and in Real Time.
Initially the Strike app was intended to allow users to Quickly move Bitcoin P2P, with virtually no fees to transfer. But now Strike has taken it to another level by allowing users to buy Bitcoin using their Bank Account or debit card with a 0% transaction fee.
And, although the 0% offer is only for a limited time and Strike has not officially said how long the promotion will last for. They have stated, that once the introductory period is over, the companies goal is to allow users to buy Bitcoin using their Bank Account or Debit Card for a fee of only .1%. By making this move, it is clear that they’re on a mission and coming for Coinbase as the easiest and cheapest way to buy Bitcoin.

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