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Phuck This Buck Tooth Mammy

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1PathwaytoFreedom 2 months ago

I was with him at first. But he disclosed his own foolishness by blaming the belief in Jesus for bw being single; when its convenient for him. First off the pastor believes in Jesus and he also believes in reparations and so did MLK, who was murdered for demanding reparations. He doesn't even know the difference between white cultural imagery and rightly divided scripture - one has nothing to do with the other. Total hypocrisy. According to plenty other bm the reason they don't want to marry most bw is because they are not their preference because THEY favor whiteness and non bw or those closest to it. So that so called "white" Jesus excuse needs to be laid to rest by frauds like that. They are usually the ones obsessing over anything close to white so much that that's who they marry and transfer wealth from the black community to while hating on, robbing and scamming bw with unambiguous black features every chance they get. They got whole networks of criminals in black communities set up to rob houses of decent single bw every time they leave their house Yet despite the overall negative attitudes, abuses, and indifference toward the welfare of unambiguous bw, they expect to be honored, respected and praised by them as if they are devoted and caring. Yeah, what she said was foolish but she probably learned it from a bm because plenty of them say the same thing. Has nothing to do with gender in that case but he had to make it about that with that clout chasing.

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 2 months ago

Like vultures flying thru the sky looking for weak prey to pounce upon...The white media looks for Blacks to go against the Black narrative so they can say..."see...a Black person AGREES WITH US and thus justifies our thoughts on the matter". It's a weak ploy in 2021. We all see thru it.

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Above All That Drama
Above All That Drama 2 months ago

This chic not only sounds dumb asf but looks the part too.

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