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We are still in the process of trying to recover the remaining data that was lost due to the Hard Drive Disk failure. The recovery center we took the drive to was able to recover a significantt amount of data, however there is still some data that they were unable to recover. Some images and videos were on damaged sectors of the disk and werent able to be recovered. We are taking the HD to a more advanced data recovery center to see if they can recover the remaining data.  Please go here to stay up to date on this issue and other knon issues with the site we are working on -

Thank you for your patience

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commonman80 27 Nov 2018
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Black confusion
19 Sep 2019
Black confusion
Lungyao1 · 3 Views

How To Teach Children To Read Phonetically Tutorial! The Brilliance Of Black...


This is a video to on how to show children how to read phonetically.
1) Teach letter sounds: Show this letter sound video twice a day:
2) Once all sounds are learned Have child read two/three letter words- Have them blend by elongating each letter like a song.
Word list:
or use these wonderful three letter word flash cards that have the vowels in red for elongating vowels:
4) Use a primer to teach all sounds of then English language this is my favorite primer(affiliate link)
5) Have the child read decodable books: Bob's Books:
6) Sight Words: Introduce five at a time
Dolch Sight Word List

7) Phonics primer right to read foundation- you can teach adults and children to read with this for FREE:

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Black confusion
19 Sep 2019
Black confusion
Lungyao1 · 3 Views