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Marvin Guy Arrested For Shooting Police On No Knock Warrant

16 Sep 2020

Marvin Guy Arrested For Shooting Police On No Knock Warrant: The Police raided the wrong house with a no knock search warrant. Marvin Guy was the occupant fired his weapon as his home was being invaded. One of the cops was killed during the raid.

#Inthenameofjustice, #The color of the law,,

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lazmor 1 month ago

so a black guy is sitting in prison for 5 yrs for defending his home on a no knock raid, legally because he killed one of those savages. But he's the criminal. and you guys keep doing this useless marching and protesting 5yrs later for the same shit that same type bullshit that killed breonna taylor. when the fuck are we going to learn that violence is the only way to deal with the white man. and I don't feel shiyt for the co that died

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