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EU countries stand firm on slave trade reparations

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1. African American protestors shouting for reparations outside conference hall

2. Wide shot of conference
3. Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni
4. Cutaway of audience
5. SOUNDBITE: (English) Hilary Beckles, head of Babardos delegation: "The logic of our history is that the principle of debt cancellation for developing nations is one that is morally correct and consistent with the justice of reparations which we are calling for. Did the imperial governments not pay millions of national currencies as compensation to slave owners when they ended slavery? Were compensation funds not established in order to facilitate a new start, a new beginning for slave owners? What did the enslaved receive by way of compensation? Nothing."

6. Cutaway of secretary
7. SOUNDDBITE: (English) Walter Schwimmer, secretary general of council of Europe: "The Council of Europe decision, and I can refer to the declaration which was adopted at the preparatory conference, the original conference, is very clear that all states have to acknowledge the suffering under the slave trade, under slavery, and under colonialism. I think that one cannot deny that has to be acknowledged but we have to strive for a better future. We cannot correct history, what happened happened."

8. Ghanaian deputy minister for foreign affairs
9. Wide shot of conference


The UN conference in Durban, South Africa, has been dominated by the Palestinian and Arab delegations' effort to have Israel condemned in the meeting's final declaration.

But discussion of contemporary slavery, discrimination and the rights of indigenous people has been overshadowed.

Organisers say those issues, along with gender, should instead be topping the agenda.

On Monday, Barbados, which received thousands of slaves during the eighteenth century trade, called for reparations to be paid by the colonial powers that benefited from slavery.

The head of the delegation told the conference that even the slave traders were compensated for losing business when slavery was abolished, but the slaves and their descendants had received nothing.

But the secretary general of the Council of Europe rejected the idea of reparations and said it could not correct history.

Black US lawmakers, who are lobbying to have reparations for slavery restored to the conference's final statement, have bemoaned how the Middle East conflict has become the centre of attention.

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 2 months ago

These heathens are not going to give black people jack, but maybe a bullet or a prison cell if they aren't careful. How many centuries is it going to take for them to get that through their thick skulls. For many of our people to believe and still disillusioned, that they're enemies is going to do anything to increase them, that would give black people an advantage over them, they got another think coming. These reparation conferences are a distraction, away from what they are really doing behind the veil to destroy us and trust me, it's far more sinister than the reparations they owe us.

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