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Virginia: A Sleeping Giant Has Awoken

16 Dec 2019

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The Virginia Democrats (i.e. LEFTISTS) are going for broke. They wish to imprison non complying citizens and even LEOs if they don't fall in line with a coming semi auto firearm ban. Read about SB16 here: These Leftists were allowed to come into office by Virginians and what your'e seeing there will be coming to you soon enough (watch my video:
Here I give highlight to a good pro human rights organization in Virginia, the Virginia Citizens Defense League or VCDL. They are organized, motivated, and aggressive in pushing back on what could be the genesis of an entire US trend. I read their manifesto and applaud it. All states should have energized and ready-to-go pro gun rights organizations like this. This is a political answer to a serious problem for good folks around this country, not just in VA.
Sanctuary counties have emerged with their good citizens and SHERIFFS vowing to oppose this onerous legislation and promised punishments. Gun owners in VA promise NOT to comply and even use of force against confiscators. They represent a nationwide attitude that has tired of being vilified and attacked by the Left.
Gov what's his face promises harsh retribution and even National Guard involvement to quell any "insurrections" against his decree. This is what happens when you sit home, bitch and moan online and DON'T vote: the Dems come into power and have their way. This is happening nationwide not just in VA.
All this and much more is discussed here with an emphasis on peaceful resolutions if at all possible. VCDL is applying pressure to their legislators on Monday January 20th, 2020 at the Richmond Capitol Building. Another touchstone Nutnfancy human rights video.

Virginia Citizens Defense League VCDL:

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BConscience 6 months ago

Don't live in Virginia. Sooooo.

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