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Arika Co Ltd – 90s Arcade 3D Fighting Video Game Company Breakdown

Anjim Plays
Anjim Plays
24 Nov 2019

Arika is known for creating Street Fighter EX series and Fighting Layer. The video game company is run by Akira Nishitani known as Nin Nin. Akira is known for character design for Final Fight and Street Fighter. Arika is a small company and collaborated with Nintendo, Capcom and many more. They made a comeback at Evo and announced Fighting Ex Layer. In this video, you will see Super Dragon Ball, Endless Ocean, Tetris with Cardcaptor Sakura and Technic Beat. There is some games you might played on PS2 and so on. See what Arika is all about and why Street Fighter Ex is a arcade hit. If you want more gameplay and live stream hit that like button. #arika #streetfighter #fightinggames


Credit video footage by
PSX Longplay [131] Street Fighter Ex Plus Alpha - World of Longplays
Arcade Longplay [662] Fighting Layer - World of Longplays
Final Fight (Arcade) All Bosses (No Damage) - Shadowserg
Arcade Longplay [370] Street Fighter II: The World Warrior - World of Longplays
Tetris the Grandmaster 1 GM in 12:34 - malarkyjones1
Endless Ocean - The Abyss & Finding the Giant Squid - Rayque3
Puzzle Bobble Universe 3D \ Bust-a-Move Universe Gameplay (Nintendo 3DS) [60 FPS] [1080p] Top Screen -ZetaKong
Fighting EX Layer - All Supers (All DLC Characters) - Chaos Productions Inc
Super Dragon Ball Z (PS2 Gameplay) - GXZ95
Technic Beat Game Sample - Playstation 2 -Vysethedetermined2
Everblue (PS2) - LewisLongshanks
nightmare of druaga playthrough part 1 - MrBinksSake
Ketsui Gameplay on PS3 - striderzero96
Dr. Mario Online Rx - Virus Busters Level 20-22 gameplay
- Nintendofan4ever
Mega Man Network Transmission - Part 17: Bass - ShadowRockZX
DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou Black Label - True Final Boss Hibachi - Maribel Hearn
Jewelry Master Twinkle - BlazyBloo
Tetris with Cardcaptor Sakura - Individual Levels [0:07:45.36]
- SirVG

Shinji Hosoe : Street Fighter EX3 - Precious Heart (Sakura's Theme)

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