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"Listen To The Scientists": Former SG Dr. Joycelyn Elders Says Don't Worry About Stoc

The True Royal Family

U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams warned that things are going to get bad this week as hospitals struggle to keep up with new coronavirus cases.

Former Surgeon General, Dr. Joycelyn Elders spoke with Roland Martin during Monday's edition on #RolandMartinUnfiltered about the Trump administrations response to the coronavirus pandemic and pushed back against Trump's focus on the stock market.

Dr. Elders said, "We've go to listen to the scientists on this."

She added, "We can't afford to be worrying about the stock market, when we need to be worrying about saving the lives of millions of people."

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MemoGrafix 16 days ago

You know the president is full of shit. Vaccines are NEVER supposed to be given when a person is already sick with anything.

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 17 days ago

Black people always have to involve themselves in the destructive BS these heathens caused. A deadly virus that the greed of the U.S. and Asia caused, that's mainly affecting them. That has absolutely nothing to do with us. The woman did not become a high ranking officer for nothing. I have been in the military, so I know. She is a doctor and a retired military officer and will say what they want and allow her to say, to influence the black community if she wants those retirement checks to keep coming in. Why don't you hear any of these so called, black influential doctors and news reporters giving any statistical data by race, that are being affected by the CV? Why? So black people will take the 'Massa we sick?' mentality. The very reason why they won't allow her or Roland Martin to dare give any racial statistics. I agree with Brother Lance because that is not fair to us. If the tables were turned, we would be plastered all over social media, the news and getting murdered more than we are now by these savages. Not to mention some are deliberately spreading that deadly disease.

We were suppose to practice social distancing and cleanliness way before the CV ever happened. TMH has been telling us to separate ourselves from the other nations over and over, so we would not receive their plagues. Work or business but social and intermixing with them is a death sentence. TMH makes that extremely clear. But look where that Negro rebellion has got us as a nation? Now TMH had to separate us by force, and will he uses demons and saints to forfill his perfect will. He vows that he is coming back to totally separate the nations and black folk who don't do it after this CV madness, TMH vows that he would separate the wheat from tares by the sword.

At this point black people got 'only two' choices, they are going to follow what TMH commands them to do (especially in these last days), or rebel and face the consequences. There is no guesswork, because TMH makes it very clear what those consequences are. So black folk who get a common cold or seasonal allergy attack and let these heathens spook them into believing they have the CV, and go to a heathen (enemy) doctor if they want to and by the time they leave that medical facility, they will have a deadly disease.

The CV virus is not the only disease, floating full force around in these heathens hospitals and clinics. ----

Social distancing, proper diet (plenty of fruit and vegetables), alkaline water mixed with aloe and peppermint will keep your immune system and lungs strong and a virus cannot survive in a fully alkalined body. Now why didn't the good Dr. Jocelyn tell us that. This reminds me of the Tuskegee experiment., when they used a black nurse to influence black men to get vaccinated (when they didn't need it) and injected them with syphillis. Then the demons sat back and watched their genitals fall off, go blind and die denying them the antibiotics they needed to stop it. #RememberingTheTuskegeeExperiment

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MemoGrafix 16 days ago

I'm not Israelite, Muslim nor Christian. I already been keeping clean, healthy and doing social distancing from the beasts - KrAsians and KaulKKrazyans for YEARS. I ONLY deal with them for BUSINESS ONLY with a smile just to get through the transactions between Us

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 16 days ago

@MemoGrafix: Exactly. But don't confuse an Israelite as a religion or like some stupid cult (that's what the beast wants you to believe), like Muslims and Christians (those are religions). We never needed religion, because we were already born a spiritual people. Israelites (Negroes) Is a race of people (like European, Asian, African), not a religion or nationality (Hebrew is the ancient language of our ancestors). We are called African Americans, because we live in America and before that Israelites lived in Africa (most Israelite tribes still live in Africa). Just like Afro Cubans, Afro Mexicans , Afro Brazilians (etc), that were disbursed to S. America during the slave trade. They are not Mexican, Cuban, etc. but because they live in that country, they took on the names and nationality as their slave masters, the same as us here in Amerikkka. But Israelites (Negroes) originated in Jerusalem. The fake jews living in Israel are Europeans. They practice Judaism (a demonic religion) and stole our identity. Native Africans are Hamites, Negroes are Shemites, two dark skinned nations of people ( made up of different tribes). Until people understand who they are (ancient origin) and take it upon themselves to study their true history, instead of continuing to believe who a nation of kidnapping, deceptive beasts told them they are, they will ever be confused. We can take a look around at the world and see where lies, deception, confusion and multiculturalism got us. Living in hell on earth that's where. I was determined that would not be me. So after 10 years of research and studying with some of the best black biblical, spiritual and historical scholars on the planet, I know exactly who I am and my purpose on earth.

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