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BJTV UPDATES - New Features and Premium Content add on coming soon - 01/03/18

Black Junction TV
Published on 04 Jan 2018 / In BJTV Updates

New Features
Bug fixes
New mobile apps
and more

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DubCuda 8 months ago

How can i import my youtube uploads to this site?

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BlackGodKing1 8 months ago

Nice brother man keep up the good work!!!!!

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Jambo_Juicy 9 months ago

This is major. Here is my input for future updates. I do believe this is going to start an exodus for many from Youtube.

- As many people for instance view Youtube on their TVs, is it possible to add the cast to TV possibility? I tried even with my Comcast but it could not find the app to be able to cast it on TV.

- Is it possible to bold the headlines of the videos as on Youtube? Morever, could you use a more user friendy font both for video headlines and menu?

- Lastly as the site grows, how are the plans for storage? As we know video content generates alot of data and that requires storage and thus cost.

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Samuel Noble
Samuel Noble 9 months ago

Just signed up here...glad to see Black Junction expanding

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 9 months ago

Good decision and welcome!

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Tyler Burgess
Tyler Burgess 9 months ago

That Patreon feature will be a game changer..

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