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Shut uprose mcgowan.mp4

11 Feb 2020

click on this link and call her out on her racism Please subcribe to me on these platforms BlackjuctionTVChannel: Blitter: Blackenuf: Blaqspace: Twitter account: JDAWG8807: Vlare TV:

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 2 months ago

These stupid heathens can't even stop the sun from burning their azz up, but always want to be in black peoples business. It makes not a damned bit of sense and it's sickening. But look what's happening to these pale devils all over the planet. They are catching the CV and dying from it, bats are infecting them and the news doesn't report on the OD deaths from opiods anymore. Look at my last video on my channel titled Fox Bat Take over In Oueensland; Coronavirus infectees arrested and dragged from their homes. This insane s**t is getting ready to get real lowdown and dirty, so the black family might as well get themselves prepared.

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