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ptsd, but lied like smollett, yet no charges filed.mp4

05 Feb 2020

now this guys wife says he admittedly lied to her because he didn't want to go back to active duty. I suppose he's got some sort of ptsd. But now I don't hear any of the outcry from across the country or that state , for the drain on not 1 but 2 police depts that tied up a lot of resources, as they did for jessie smollett and the head of the cook county states atty kim foxx whose budget for cook county is probably a 100x the budget of these 2 depts combined. Yet in this case all is forgiven and forgotten . So why don't I hear all those newspapers reporting on this country wide calling for investigations into the states atty in the instance. DOUBLE STANDARDS AGAIN. But us black people are supposed to overlook that

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David01 2 months ago

Because the news media is just as racist with their double standards as the police. That's why they never do hidden camera investigative reporting exposing the racism in police departments let alone any other industry.

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