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MLK Realized Who The Devil Was A Little Too Late

Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
16 Oct 2019

By now our people that are awake knows that MLK led us into a burning house when he pushed for integration that he revealed not long before he was murdered. It is just sad for us as a nation, that MLK realized who the devil was a little too late.

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6 months ago

That is when they decided to kill him. Too much influence for 1 Black man to have, this government has been trying like hell to stop any Black with such power to gather His/Her people like MLK did.

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lazmor 6 months ago

you're right. they knew all he had to do was say . no more of this non violence. its time the negro fight back

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TrillOne 5 months ago

Yeah, folks don't realize our early civil rights leaders and others been tryna get that bag for us. Even X was finna file a lawsuit against the state for how they treated us. And Cochran too. Sadly, he passed away because of that brain "tumor"/"cancer" when he was finna get it for us.

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