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Tourist Gets A Much Deserved Ass Whoopin

Taurean Reign
Published on 13 Jun 2018 / In Comedy

This is what happens when you try to take your westernized ass to other nations and think that shit will fly over there

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PoliticalKimWOYM 3 months ago

Bwahahahahaa, grab another pussy or azz Trumpeteer.
Mickey Mouse song: "K-I-C..., (gonna fuck you up.)
K-Y-o, (your Momma taught you better than that.)

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GManJr64 3 months ago

OMG! LMFAO! White boy got his ass kicked by Asian women! WOW!

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Chepell KING Chase
Chepell KING Chase 4 months ago

Good job ladies,,,,

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JKING 4 months ago

She kicked the hell outta his cave ass.

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DeneenSoul 4 months ago

My daughter and her friends got down when a white man called on of them the 'n' word. They tore his ass up. This is what they were taught to do. Stick together. Have each others back. I saw a black woman yelling at three men who had her surrounded in a grocery store parking lot. I was with my youngest son coming out towards my car. I got angry when I saw no one was helping her. I got my son in the car and pulled out my older son's bat. When they saw me coming they started running. Called me all kinds of 'n' words, but they were running when they said it. I'm 5'2" tall. My point is when they see one, they feel they can do that shit. But when they see two, that's too many. I didn't know this sister. But she needed help. They know we won't help each other that's why they do it. Step up. If I can do it I know y'all can too..

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