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Circuit Breakers Limit Down and Limit Up, What Triggers a Stock Market Shutdown!? ☝️

16 Mar 2020

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Market circuit breakers. What are limit up limit down rules? What is the circuit breaker rule? What is a limit down? What does limit up mean? What triggers a stock market shut down? How do circuit breakers work in the stock market? How much does the Dow have to drop to suspend trading? Circuit breakers are a common, but controversial, safety valve.

With volatility comes the possibility of hitting up limit up or limit down or market-wide circuit breakers.
If you are looking at the S&P or Nasdaq futures...etc (any futures markets) if they move + or -5% pre or post-market then trading goes Limit Up.
Market Wide Circuit Breakers
Level 1 - if market falls 7% before 3.25pm there is a 15 minute halt.
Level 2 - if market falls 15% before 3.25 there is a 15 minute halt.
Level 3 - if market falls 20% - trading halted for the rest of the day.

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