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Jordan Peele Wins Oscar Do Black People Need Hollywood Black Films

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an Peele Wqins Oscar Do Black People Need Hollywood Black Films

We have to wake up and realize is black people that we don't need Hollywood to validate our creativity we had black them companies we had the Lincoln fem company of 1916 we have Code Black Tie Perry has a production company okay we can do whatever we put our minds to with black people we create our own validation we don't need Oscars to validate us in Hollywood black people are marginalized underestimated and undervalue although they may give a black person Oscar this year in that year or randomly or 90 years it took for black man to win a screenplay Oscar shows you that progress has not been made little progress has been made we're still in the process of being the first this in the first that let's maintain and build our own movie studios and production companies then we don't have to depend on Hollywood to throw as crumbs.

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