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PBT Speaks 7/3/16 The Baby Boomers AKA Generation: Fail

23 Feb 2018

The Black Baby Boomers threw away the progress of the previous 80 years. So what can black Gen-X'ers do about it?

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DallasFortWorthTX91 2 years ago

Yes!!! Finally found the video. The most evilest generation are the baby boomers.

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Jaygo 2 years ago

I have said. when looking at History ans Comparing all generation to the Baby boomers. The Baby Boomers is BY FAR the most Vilest, Evil ,wicked, and Narcissistic Generation Bar generation come close to comparing to them. They are the ONLY generation who are so self hating, and such a coon generation, that they actually tried FORCE, Literally endured Torture and Death, to Bully and Force White people to Please accept them, all in the guise of "Civil Rights" but what was really trying to Bully White America into Social acceptance. I have Always said, Every time i hear the Jennifer Holiday song, "You're gonna Love me". it always seem to be the PERFECT anthem to apply to the Black Baby Boomers. The White Baby Boomers, are just as Vile and Evil, if not a lot more. when looking at this Generation, Both Black and White, one could argue that This generation as a whole, can be considered In fact, without a doubt the "Antichrist" generation with a God Complex that's off the charts. This generation as a whole, Literally have a pathology that They themselves is God, and none else beside them.

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NatureG21 2 years ago

Unfortunately, he did not delineate EXACTLY the range (by years) who the Black Baby Boomers he was referring to. He only said the 1960s-80s. Given the fact even the white folk have moved that yard stick over the past 15 years has been self-serving to say the least. Still, each generation has the right to define themselves and the direction they are headed (or perceive they're headed). But at the very least there is a certain degree of short-sighted and arrogance among any of our people who think that they got to where they are on their own and will usually blame the generation before it. Each generation makes decisions based upon where they are AT THAT MOMENT IN THEIR LIVES given the information they are handed AT THAT TIME. If you feel that you can do better, then take it from here and make the decisions you feel are necessary at THIS TIME IN HISTORY. No generation is perfect, so dumping on your parents or grand-parents is as I stated earlier, arrogance. But make sure that as the younger generation you don't one day face the hypocrisy that you may be laying out today; remember, there are future generations being born every day who will sit in judgment of you as well. Saying "that wasn't me back then" will not cut it.

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