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Boyfriend opens fire on men who catcalled his girlfriend

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
23 Aug 2019

Catcalls led to a shooting Wednesday at a north Houston gas station, according to police.

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mickybricks 11 months ago


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youngprophet8 12 months ago

As long as the "black man" is involved in "black-on-black violence and crime", he, then, will not have time to engage in what must be his true mission: THE OVERTHROW OF EUROPEAN DOMINATION! As I've often said, our attention must be diverted. As I said, once in a psychology class, why do so many "black men" kill other "black men?" Is because they have not yet decided to kill white men. THAT IS THE ULTIMATE TRUTH! THAT IS THE ULTIMATE TRUTH! The COWARDLY "black man" has not yet decided to really deal with his TRUE ENEMY! And, he displaces his frustration and his cowardice upon his own people. He attacks and uses his own, and he abuses his women and uses his children, and terrorizes his community. He is great and bold to take out a gun to blow away another "black man's" brain, but he has yet to take up the gun and blow out the brain of his true enemy.

He would march around the world and shoot some other man, but he won't take up the arms against his true enemy. He can only, then, prove his "boldness" by an attack on his own, and by the destruction of his own. I do not see a common black criminal as a revolutionary. Because the common black criminal has the same motivation as the white ruling and middle classes the white ruling and middle classes got a BMW, he wants a BMW. So if it means selling poison to our children, he sells poison to our children. If it means terrorizing the African community to get the BMW, he's going to do it. In other words, he approaches his world thieving, killing, etc., the same way his psychological father approaches the world: thieving, killing, etc. Everywhere this white man has stepped in the world there have been thieving, killing, etc.

The "black criminal" is but an imitator of his psychological white father. Therefore, we have "black-on-black crime and violence," and "black-on-black crime and violence" is a necessity for European power. It's not the intention for whites to remove crime in the African community, it is their intentions to contain crime to the African community. You talk about the corruption of the police: it's easy to corrupt a policeman/woman when he/she is guarding a people that they do not care about. And when the corruption of those people he/she is guarding ultimately...MAINTAINS THE POWER POSITION!

– Dr. Amos Wilson (1988)

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