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"God is on Trial" With guest author - Alberta Parish (live)!

Hard Cold Alquan
Hard Cold Alquan
26 Jul 2020

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We have a guest author today: Alberta Parish

About the Book

God is on Trial takes a deep look at modern-day belief systems that have given us ancient concepts of gods having also originated from astrotheology, which is a belief system based on the observation of the stars and the Zodiac. This book not only criticizes major world religions for the falsehoods and atrocities they’ve perpetuated on the masses, but it exposes the deeper meanings and truths in the Abrahamic belief traditions that were originally created to keep humanity from not only evolving as a species but to keep us under mind control and fear. God is on Trial also examines the major biblical accounts like the Genesis Creation and Flood, and the ancient myths from which they originate. This book seeks to educate those who have not yet awakened from their religious mind control programming and is also a testament to my personal experiences as a former believer who broke the chain of religious mind control and fear in my own life. I encourage anyone reading this book to keep an open mind, because what we have learned in the Judeo-Christian and Islamic traditions is a distortion of the truth. And it is time for humanity to know the truth.

About the Author

Alberta Parish is the author of several books. She has written countless essays and poems. She is the creator of Black Politico Media, an online website featuring the latest news and events around the world. Alberta lives in Atlanta, Georgia where she earned her degree in Paralegal Studies. But her current passions include researching and writing about esoteric knowledge.

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