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In Mississippi, a Black Girl Got Ran Over By A White Woman But The Grand Jury Refuses To Indict!

Above All That Drama

Multiple Pontotoc County Grand Juries have declined to indict Karen Carpenter, a suspect in the death of 7-year-old Amiya Braxton. Carpenter, struck and killed A'miya while she was getting off the school bus October 4, 2016 in front of her Pontotoc County home.

Not surprisingly for a state with a sordid history of racism like Mississippi or any state in America for that matter, Carpenter who is White has not been charged with the murder of A'miya who is Black.

Click the link to sign the petition to get "Justice for A'miya."

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BConscience 2 months ago

In the absent of a father, the mother is a fucking coward. And an ATTENTION WHORE.

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lazmor 2 months ago

sad and tragic. but its the same shit. talk cry pray. there's no way in the fuck my child would have went that way unavenged . but negros are afraid. so i'm going to say what will piss a lot of people off. the mother is a fucking coward. this other bitch walks away without even a ticket and you negros write a book so you all can have a threapy session about this type shit. i didn't listen to all this bullshit because . If you black ass people haven't figured out the the only justice for black people in amerika is street justice, then keep talking and fooling yourselves with this bullshit the white mfs have fed you fools

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