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Uganda Africa Kids See White Boy For First Time. Thinks He's A Demon...

13 Jun 2021

One day, on a casual hike through the Rwenzori mountains in western Uganda, we stumbled upon a secluded village that apparently doesn't get many visitors from abroad. I mean, like none. The reactions to seeing a muzungu (white person) for the first time were...well, let's just say unexpected.

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Sfumatoking 1 month ago

After King Leopold and Cecil Rhoads you think Africans would've learned their lesson by now. That little girl is not stupid. Her Divine gifted intuition tells her something is out of place. If anyone needs an orientation on being civil to those who look different it's Europeans.

Also notice it's the women who are trying to familiarize her w/the white man. Probably after one semester as an exchange student getting her swirl on. Well keep it to yourself and leave the babies alone.

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