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Who captured and sold the Igbos as slaves (3) - A reply

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Who captured and sold the Igbos as slaves of our series Who captured and sold the Igbos as slaves during the slave trade, we posted the video with a slave poster that referred to the Igbos as Heeboes. This appellation attracted a comment from one of our viewers who said “FYI: The ad that shows in this video seeking enslaved “hebooes” is faked by Hebrew propagandist. It never stated heboos. Africans in America has never claimed they were Hebrews until this recent foolishness.”

As you may be aware, the average black or Negro does not verify narratives but is quick to believe whatever appeals to the ears. The comment was made by someone we are sure was not there as at the time the poster was made nor was the user there during the slave trade. We therefore decided to reply the user with this video to show the various iterations of the names of the slaves which varied from Negroes, to Heboes, to Eboes to Mocoes to Ibos and to Igbos.
This video shows the group addressed as Eboes and Heeboes.

The video also shows what propaganda and Taqiyya are to christianity and Islam. It also throws the challenge of providing any book or journal published before 1950 that says the Aro priests were behind the slave raids.

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