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will we get justice , or do we make our own.mp4

17 Dec 2019

this dad is letting it be known that this mf that did this to his child will not escape. now this bastard is in jail for now, but they are saying he could get out jan 1, after scaring this little girl into the streets while trying to abduct her. And to add misery , her dad was on the call and had to attend to his little girl because he is a fireman for nypd. too often these deggs of society, the predators and murderers are released into the black community, because of a fucked up law system. But I wonder will any of those teens esp the one that did the killing who was 14, and stabbed the white college student get out with such flimsy bullshit charges. This is why I tell black folk , handle your crimes ourselves whether it be murdering raping crazies or thugs , or murdering damn cops who just as this guy will , they go free. But this dad is saying it like it is. this mf will not escape. But I won't be surprised if he goes to court and this mf is set free, and when je says something , they'll criminalize him, and he'll get a bigger charge than the criminal. we need more black men to stand up for our girls and women against these predators and savages, instead of taking videos for likes

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3 months ago

We MAke Our Own

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