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EDOM IS FINISHED - Riot in Israel for the killing of unarmed Man!

Joel da Silva
Joel da Silva
03 Jul 2019

Israel is currently being consumed by violent protests over the killing of an unarmed Ethiopian Israeli teen,
leading to turned-over cars, burning tires, injuries and arrests.

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Jaygo 7 months ago

Beautiful.. even though today is my Birthday and I don't celebrate it though it's on the 4th of July..The Most High must have given me this as a Birthday present. All Praises to TMH, this is better than money

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Joel da Silva
Joel da Silva 7 months ago

I wish you a joyfull and blessed b-day bro! APTTMH

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commonman80 7 months ago

As It Was Written, It Shall Be Done...

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Joel da Silva
Joel da Silva 7 months ago

It´s getting closer! The day of the Lord is getting closer!

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