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Timeline of black people killed by US police since 2013

Shocking Vibe
Shocking Vibe
05 Jul 2020

For years, black people in America have been killed by police at a far higher rate than white people. Yet trials and convictions are rare for officers.

How have they got away with it for so long? And will the global eruption of the Black Lives Matter movement, sparked by the death of George Floyd, see them face justice?

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1 month ago

That's actually not true. That's what they want you to believe. War propaganda convinces black people we're getting slaughtered like dogs (and of course more than white people). Cops kill more white people mostly because they outnumber us and they come in contact with whites far more than us. Cops get light to no sentences for them as well. The idea that whites somehow magically escapes the environment we all live in fantasy. If that were the case they wouldn't be dying from drug/opioids, diseases and suicide at significant higher rates than black people. Whites/police don't want you to know they actually killing each other far more than us.

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