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Nathan Rempe Is A Dirty Player

Taurean Reign
Published on 12 Mar 2018 / In People & Blogs

HS basketball player Nathan Rempe pulled one of the most dirtiest plays in bball history...and of course, he won't be reprimanded for it. Business as usual

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22429681 6 months ago

(Lita Michelle) I don't think White People should be playing basketball or football,no-one wants to see their white Asses run with a ball in a boring Ass game. This cave mutt was just jealous that this black guy could jump

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Applehead 6 months ago

I'll put this here because even though it isn't quite as dirty it nevertheless is more proof that they'll put racism over even their "first love". https://www.washingtonpost.com..../news/early-lead/wp/

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Michael Wright
Michael Wright 7 months ago

Don't get mad get even!

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Applehead 7 months ago

He really needs to whoop his ass, no way should this black passive shit... I'm truly sick of these black guys not doing anything out of... What exactly? I bet if you ask his dumb ass will just say something stupid like "Well God was with me and we won anyway so I got the last laugh." No dude, retaliation, immediate and swift always need to occur these motherfuckers need to know they can't keep doing this shit. If this dude sees this (I know he won't but still) y'all need to get off your ass and start letting these dudes have it. He is never suppose to even put his hands on you like that, remember these jackasses are trying to kill you. You ain't suppose to just be a fool and let them just because you're afraid of whatever punishment the school's going to do. The school won't do anything if he kills you they won't even pay for your funeral. And by the way him and his family will be laughing and cheering and probably even vandalizing your grave. Or have we already forgotten all the vandalized graves of all our brothers and sisters over these past few years?

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MissyNicki 7 months ago

White boy is mad that he can't jump that high.They can't compete so they play dirty.

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