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New Age Slavery: The Little Ugandan Girl...who was STOLEN from her mother to be Adopted

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
08 Jul 2018

The story of Nmata a child from Uganda who was adopted by americans but which exposes how Women in poor areas of Africa are being tricked to give up their children who are sold for "adoption" to white people who usually think they doing a legal adoption from...a missionary. The Industrial Adoption Complex and How slavery didn't end just evolved: the African connection.

Please note ignore the video attempt to create sympathy of the whites and read between the lines, the BGV didn't make the video but from what we can gather it appears the parents ignored the obvious signs that it was not all legal and honest.

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Fedora 3 years ago

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DaniKouakou 3 years ago

I have a better idea. Get your greedy, opportuntic colonizing cave dog asses OUT of Africa, and stop oppressing and impoverishing Africans by stealing the resources from African countries. African people will be just fine without you devils.

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Bad Bad Puddy Cat!!!

(LitaMichelle) This is just sickening!!! I often wonder what goes through the mind of these cave dwellers, when they decide to adopt a black child. Why not adopt a poor white child??? How can you educate this child about black culture or history. There are cases where these Saltines have abused these black children in their homes. These crackers should only be allowed to adopt their own kind. Stealing black children so white families can adopt them out, without the birth mother's consent???? These Saltines get more and more demonic everyday

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 3 years ago

Dirty bastards, kidnapping black children. I pray each involved receives a painful, horrible death!! Thank TMH they caught the devils and returned Lamata to her biological mother. Caucasoid have NO business adopting or being foster parents for black children period! So now the sickos just kidnap them! Black parents please BEWARE!

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Black Global Village
Black Global Village 3 years ago

But those of us who have the ability to adopt should do so. Too many of our children are in this system and many of us are not stepping up.

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