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Dear Tarana Burke, Oprah, and Shea Butter Twitter good Black men do exist and we protect our family

25 Mar 2019

Alright family i will be calling out Tarana Burke, Oprah, and Shea butter twitter today for not calling out the racist in Florida for raping a black woman???????????? kinda hypocritical because if this was a Black man we wouldn't hear the end of it. You attack us all day yet you don't go after anyone else when they commit attrocities towards your constituents. that shows that you don't even care about your constituents you're just trying to get cash from the alphabet boys???????????????? to infiltrate, cause havoc and destruction to us. Good Black men do exist ???????????? but we will not put up with this nonsense from nobody in the media never again. #alphabetboys #alphabetboyinfiltration #goodblackmendoexist #taranaburke #sheabuttertwitter #greed #fakenews #oprah #sheabutter #badrhetoric

The video is also on Facebook in the link below

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