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ambushed or was it payback for their evil.mp4

08 Dec 2019

some of the news sites are calling this cop some type hero. But obviously he wasn't a hero to London T phillips. Now get mad negroes for what i'm about to say. London was a white male that killed this cop. But yet I wonder how many of you scared ass negroes fayetteville cops round up from time to time and fuck you over. Yet not a one of you coward mfs had the guts to do what this guy did. He didn't give a damn about dying, which I hear so many of you mfkn so called badasses in "da Hood" get on the news hiding your faces and bullshit when they ask you dumbasses why are you shooting each other and your neighborhoods like animals. But not a one of you would do this as much as they fuck over you. This goes for all you innocent negroes who get fucked over by white cops ,or white people, and the only thing your asses do is run to the media, march , pray ,or sing. , when this is what its going to take. Anyway I don't know what type person this guy brandon was , only that he was white, and is dead also. So if he hated black people , it makes a two for. 1 dead cop 1 dead racist. If he didn't hate black folk, he's ok with me. And this damned cop wasn't no damned hero

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