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The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

A passenger aboard a Delta flight tried to open the front door of the plane mid-flight, prompting the pilot to declare an emergency, according to live air traffic control transmission The plane has landed safely at LaGuardia Airport.

On an audio recording the pilot told tower control that the emotionally disturbed passenger tried to open the "forward service door" on the right side of the Delta 5935 flight from Raleigh to LaGuardia. It landed in New York City around 1:40 p.m.

"We’re aware of the social media report related to the flight and are looking into it, but what I can tell you now is that the flight landed uneventfully and proceeded to its gate," a Republic Airways spokesperson said.

At least one woman on social media tweeted the woman was "screaming her head off that she needed to open the door and die." That woman tweeted the upset traveler's father pulled her away from the door.

Anchor Stefan Holt also reports on a drug lab on Long Island, a safe scare in midtown and Billy Joel's 70th birthday.

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LeeMay 7 months ago

Somebody should have help the heathen out and pushed her out, close the door and keep it moving.

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