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Quanell X Exposed For Stealing Money From More Than 14 People


Quanell X was recently exposed for stealing money from more than 14 people. A judge just this week ruled against Quanell X and ordered him to pay one plaintiff back. Many others have filed lawsuits and criminal charges.

Hosted by Phillip Scott

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Audlane1 1 year ago

Damn, another colored individual defrauding black people! Many of us don’t have a clue.

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SimbaBlq 2 years ago

I don't forgive him. He's our enemy, and you all know what should be done to your enemy. I despise my enemies. Once I name my enemy, they are terrified. I don't love my enemy nor do I forgive them. Smiles

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AndreToppinJr2000 2 years ago

Quanell, you crossed the line brother. I thought you were better than this. Now is not the time to be preaching great but scamming our people. I forgive you brother but you need to learn your lesson for This. Black unification is a must

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TROLL KING 2 years ago


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Black Global Village
Black Global Village 2 years ago

When Quanell X does something like this he is saying to our people that he has no faith in us. That white supremacy can never be defeated. That what he's been saying was just for show. Destroying everything he helped built. We started showing his videos back in 2014 and they always became popular. It went viral. Because his messages was always on point and struck a chord. Enough for others to start uploading his videos on their pages. But now it all seems hollow. Because if you don't feel in yourself that you cannot help our people but trick them enough to give you money so you can live comfortable in a system you feel can never be beaten then you are part of the problem. And like several others,this individual has the talent, the quality, the things that get people to organize and be behind him and listen to. But they themselves do not believe it. And it is damaging the struggle for liberation and self independence as a community and as a people.Setting an example for young people that nothing is worth fighting for. Which is partially why were in this mess as a community, not just in america but in the UK as well where self interest from these individuals goes before the national interest of Black People everywhere. There's too much of this and its not on. Its not fair. To any of us who had hope and follow these people who are basically preying on our people's good intentions and desire to be free of this oppression. I do not think I can take, personally another disappointment of people in the spotlight who are being exposed as being snake oil salesmen aka crooks. Its too much especially in this current climate for our people of Black America.

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We Ain't African Movement & Dane Calloway exposed
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