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The Obsession With Black Men & Haggard White Women On 90 Day Fiance

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lazmor 7 months ago

those 2 ignorant niggas yes niggas have no fucking shame . But then again thats nigeria, where a lot of those dumbass people believe in the white jesus that came from their part of the world yet a lot of them are black as night and the others brown. This is the love the white man attitude of quite a few of these ignorant ass savages. yeah I called these type savages, because thats the only thing that would want something wrinkled dried and pale to lay beside and call their woman

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RedFoxxy22 7 months ago

I've been watching this show, and this 50 year old white woman, and this Nigerian guy are absolutely disgusting. I get a nauseated when I see them kiss, lie in the bed, and thinking about them having sex is just simply nasty????????

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