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Lupita Nyong'o casting in HBO's 'Americanah' sparks outcry in Nigeria | DW News

My Tribe T.V
My Tribe T.V
20 Mar 2020

Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong'o is set to play the lead role in a 10-episode HBO adaption of the novel "Americanah." In light of the news, Kenyans and Nigerians are having a serious go at each other on Twitter.
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's 2013 best-selling novel "Americanah" follows the love story between two Nigerian teenagers separated during their journey to pursue an education in the West. Some Nigerians think that as a Kenyan, Lupita won't live up to the female lead role. They've furthermore expressed opinions that there would be better casting choices among Nigerias own "Nollywood" production scene.

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