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2 LA Cops, 31 and 24 Ambushed and Shot In Compton

Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
13 Sep 2020

Two Los Angeles Sheriff's Department deputies who work for the Metro Blue Line transit bureau had emergency surgery Saturday night after a shooter ambushed them and opened fire in Compton. Jeff Nguyen and Hermela Aregawi have more.

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 3 months ago

Whomever he/she is....is short, like almost a midget. All short Blacks should leave Compton immediately.

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Above All That Drama
Above All That Drama 3 months ago

My people? It's Starting. Let THIS be the start of the turning of the #WhiteTideOfRscism. Now, as we ll seen how it can be done, now branch off and attack their #SoftTargets... #TheWife, #TheKids, #TheParents and #TheirSiblings. LEarn where THEY lay theirs heads at night and act accordingly. #StartHuntingThemAndTheirs

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