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A Swirling Black Man Was Setup Then Attacked By Two White Men


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commonman80 7 months ago

You See? This Is The Kind Of Shit These Demonic Neanderthal Beasts LOVE TO SHOW ON THE NEWS.. As Long As The Black Man Is Losing? They'll Show it.. Because It Makes The Demonic Neanderthal Beast Look "Powerful".. Even If The Demonic Neanderthal Beast Is 100% WRONG?

They'll Still Show It.. This Is How The Game Is Played By Those Demons.. However, I Bet When The Two Neanderthal Demonic Beast Get Put On Lock Down They Wont Be So Quick To Jump Bad With Sober Brothers In The County With Them.. I Bet They Be As Quite As Mice.. NEVER TRUST A DEMON MY PEOPLE!!! PLEEEEEEASE!!!

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pettiford36 7 months ago

No way in hell would i let a devil buy me a drink or hug on me....

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LeeMay 7 months ago

@pettiford36: BINGO!

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 7 months ago

pettiford36 - If you did, it'd be your past due reparations money they'd buy you a drink

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Ann T Lope
Ann T Lope 7 months ago

He probably had the time of his life dealing with those cave devils. Swirlers would rather die by the hands of these beast then to ever be with their own people. I'm glad there were no swirlers in my family (besides my brother). Most of us may be high yella, but we have pride in who we are. We'd never swim in the shark tank.

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LeeMay 7 months ago

Another soft target identified by the enemy. Swirling gives Black people away because it signals to the enemy that rejection of one's own race in favor of the causacoid race is ok to physically abuse that Black person. However, the coon's focus remains on white people.

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