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any black mf willing to defend this needs to die.mp4

09 Jan 2020

well this didn't take long did it. these mfs have opened up a can of whoopass on themselves, so when the asskicking starts and the terrorism increases right in these demons front yard , they'll have the black guy to blame. And how many of you coongros will fall right in with massas command even though he has shown you stupid mfs he hates you, don't want you, don't need you , and wants you dead or to go away.And how many of you silly ass black people will see this and still say, my country, my president.you decide. But just as they did with viet nam for those of you old enough to remember. When once again the white fucking devil bit off more than he could chew , and though he could just go kill maim and fuck over other people at will in their country, and got his ass handed to him on a plate, the first thing I heard after so many young black men had lost their lives for another lie in that war, was and I quote from a lot of those same white mfkn devils whose white mfkn devils are now their descendents was. 'THE REASON "WE" LOST VIETNAM WAS BECAUSE THEY HAD ALL THOSE USELESS IGNORANT ILL DISCIPLINED NEGRO SOLDIERS FROM THE GHETTO, WHO COULDN'T FOLLOW ORDERS AND WERE TOO ILLITERATE TO UNDERSTAND WAR MACHINERY. So any of you have any doubts , this is the same lying ass bullshit this mf is saying. The black people fucked this up

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