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Black Excellist: 20 High Paying 2-Year College Degrees

Wise Phenomenal
Wise Phenomenal
06 Jun 2020

20 High Paying 2-Year College Degrees

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If you would like to increase your job opportunities, but aren’t ready to commit the time and money to a 4-year degree program, enrolling in an associate’s degree program provides a way to advance your career in less time, less stress, and for less money. Many see earning an associate’s degree as an important stepping stone to completing a bachelor's degree or you simply want to open up more doors in your existing area of expertise. Many associate degrees can also be earned online, making it a great option for working adults and those who have busy schedules.
There are numerous schools that offer associate degree programs, but choosing the right school and the right program is crucial to the future of your career and is a key factor to your earning potential. But we are not encouraging you to study a field only to chase a paycheck because it’s very important to find a field that appeals to your passion and your interests. So in addition to career pay, we also provide a “passion percentage” of graduates who feel their work is making the world a better place. For all of you high school students, single parents, or non-traditional students with aspirations for college, this is a video we have dedicated to help *you* kick-start your career exploration!



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