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08 Nov 2019

I usually won't do this . But this little sister is out here somewhere and people are looking for her. I'm hoping the best , but I have a bad feeling, I hope i'm wrong . but to show you how fucked up this system is, read the story of the mf they think is involved with her disappearance. This is why crime is never ending in a lot of black communities. this mf they want as a person of interest is out on bail since april for attempted murder of a 77 yr old man , kidnapping , and other shit , yet they let these type mfs out into the public daily. But you folks read the story and hopefully someone has seen her and can help by calling the authorities or even her dad and his ufc buddies . read the story please

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BConscience 15 days ago

A change in the AUDIO @00:17. Stage... BLAME the BLACK MAN. Now, MayB I'm Old Skhool, but Ur child AIN'T an adult till they have their own kids. With that said, 19 after dark... Nobody seen Jason, Freddy, GET OUT? Any bad horror movie?

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The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Yup they made the black guy the fall guy. SMDH

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lazmor 15 days ago

@The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X": this guy is bad news. this guy tried to kill a 77 yr old guy, he kidnapped and beat someone before , he has a list of assaults . and i'll bet they were majority against black people if not all. If he did snatch this child , i'd hope her dad and his guys would stomp this bastard until blood is running out of every orifice in his body

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