Answering some FAQs about Black Junction

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Ann T Lope
Ann T Lope 10 months ago

Awww ya'll are both so handsome. Yes they are saying black love is illegal and they push that agenda more so in the churches that they force us to stay in no matter what. I'm thankful for fathers like you that teach your children how to love his own community.

While I was on my journey to waking up, I ran into these so called hebrew israelites. Now i'm here thinking they was a loving and understanding community who support one another and want to see us make progress, boy was I wrong lol. All those men are having their wives call the Lord and God, And one of them even murdered a young lady in England and hid her body, they also claim that they want the ability to rape underage girls. We desperately need some guidance in our community. I think these men are brought up the same way you talked about at from the 7:20-8:43 mark, and many of them never had fathers to guide them the right way, and some of them may have had abusive fathers. The only difference is people can see when women and girls are in distress and falling apart, but men tend to hold it in and take it out on wherever they can. They're afraid to talk to people about their pain so they try to make women feel the same misery by treating them like garbage. I'll be sharing this beautiful video. You worded everything so perfectly.

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