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Judge Drops Charges On Red Apple Nail Salon Employees Even With A Video Of The Incident

Shocking Vibe
Shocking Vibe
06 Apr 2020

A Brooklyn judge dropped misdemeanor a*sault against Huiyue Zheng and Ni Len, who repeatedly struck their customer Christina Thomas in the head with broomsticks. Surveillance footage shows Heng and Len weaponizing the daily household item, escalating the fight to a brawl. #StayHome

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lazmor 2 months ago

And trust me . those fool ass negros living around there ran their asses right back to the place when they reopened. so whats the use of talking about it. I've seen where black people have went after these people for fucking over black women any kind of way, only to have the very negros you're defending get mad at them for defending them

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