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Maggots in Penis - Penile Myiasis - First time seen by me - Dr Narotam Dewan

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

The genital localized myiasis is a rare zooparasitic dermatosis.
The term myiasis etymologically means: myie (fly); asis (disease). This disease is rarely seen in rural areas from tropical countries and is caused by dipterous larvae, which live in host's dead or living tissues.
Maggots moving in the human body make for cringe-inducing sight. There's something about these wriggly creatures that really makes our flesh creep. Even, I, in medical line since 1974 when, I joined medical college felt nauseated. This is the first case of maggots in penis I have seen yesterday. Earlier I have posted on my you tube channel one case of maggots in big toe and I have seen some cases of maggots in breast carcinoma but now such cases are very rarely seen.

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