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Warning: Hezbollah (Sleeper Cells) In The U.S. NY On High Alert

Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
05 Jan 2020

A breaking news report came out today, acknowledging Hezbollah (sleeper cells) that are planted all over the U.S. They also warn that they could be activated at anytime. However, NY is on especially high alert.

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lazmor 2 years ago

as long as they concentrate all their angst at white amerika and this govt, and leave us black folk alone, you'll have no problem from me. But maybe its time these pink demons here in amerika who sit (they think) far away from the shit they create, and watch, and ooh ahh the evening news while this country decimates others countries get a first hand view when the shit in their front and back yards blows the fuck up and kills them and or their kids and families. lets see how soon after this shit starts will these patriotic mfs start screaming uncle when they realize all that navy seal bullshit they watched in the movies and on television is just that. bullshit. And these people can and will be anywhere when they attack. let's see if bubba and billy joe and sally mae all walking tough with their automatics can tell arab from white because they all look alike. and finally lets see where the first mf cowards will come from. The same part that loves to fuck over others, and think they're so righteous. what part of amerika I wonder is that. But it won't matter. Because once that genies out, it'll take a whole lot of magic to put it back

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Enlightened1 2 years ago

Black folks just stay out of the way and let the white man clean up his own mess. He,s the one who let,s all of these foreigners into the U.S. not you. And by the way, the military doctrine that the white man studies today come from these people who are the ancient Persians!

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