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Over Inflated Fix-A- Flat Azz Twerking Cave Trash Seeking Attention

Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
02 Nov 2019

The twerking craze should have died long ago, but even after the creator of the so called dance was found brutally murdered the craze lives on. Now pink cave trash thinks they will get attention by mimicking black women in anyway they can, whether good or bad. The dummies just don't realize they picked a dance that is ultimately cursed.

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Enlightened1 3 months ago

The black woman knows her black man and her black sons. Black men are hypocrites in her eyes when we are not honest. I,m interested in bringing black men and black women together through Honesty and Enlightenment!

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Enlightened1 3 months ago

Be honest with yourself and your black woman black man. These are not black women, they are not built like black women, and they do not move like black women. But we know as men that most of us like that thang!

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Ugh. This trick works for low self esteem self hating black men.

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Niyas713 5 months ago


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mickybricks 5 months ago


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5 months ago

@Mickey, Fam you can tell, how they rock they butts side to side, a black dancing sista or sistas had to teach them that. No way they would know how to do that right, on their own. It will take them a while, to get those steps right.

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