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don't sue airbnb, sue the mfs whose nigga fam members came.mp4

16 Nov 2019

I know this will upset a bunch of folk , but I don't give a fuck. Now these folk want to sue airbnb because their son was killed by a bunch of no good ass iggas looking for trouble. And since whomever sponsored this party thought moving it to a quiet area would make it safe , they were gravely mistaken. When ever black people have something NIGGAS WILL SHOW UP. the parents should be suing whomever organized this, because i'm sure they knew or should've known when you broadcast a party on the net, all type ignorant don't want a fucking thing coons will show up. The parents should be suing those people. If I were airbnb , I wouldn't give them a fucking nickel. Now I said it and i'm black. Until we black people start holding these niggas and their families, and make these judges give these bastards more than a slap on the wrist , but make it an automatic 60 yrs for this type shit whether you kill or hit someone accountable for their debauchery and destructiveness, they will continue to wreak havoc and death , on mostly unsuspecting black people just trying to have fun in peace . Now I also want those 4 sisters who had the police called on them I think in another state, this is one of the main reasons people call police on us when we're in a different neighborhood. NIggas like the ones who did this shit. Soon and i'm suspecting after this, black people will not be allowed in certain airbnb's no matter who we may be. And we can attribute that once again to the nigga element of our people, that we seem to want to overlook and blame someone else. As I said , these people are suing the wrong people. They've caught a couple of the bastards that did this , so sue their fucking families and them. But you know that'll be useless because they probably don't have shit, so you figure to make someone pay whose fault it isn't , because they are a corporation. meanwhile these mfs will probably get some light ass plea deal if even that much punishment depending on witnesses stepping forward , and they will go out and keep doing the same terrorist shit they should be killed for or locked away forever. So get mad , black people , because I just told you the truth

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